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January, 2006

I'm excited about my new opportunity with the United Pro Cycling Team. I've been out of team directing for a few years and in 2006 I will again get behind the wheel, with the help of another experienced and tactical retired rider Harm Jansen. The two of us will have fifteen new riders to work with during the year. I've always said that directing is easy if you have the strongest riders - I believe the United Pro Cycling team will make my directing job easy next year. Officially, we will probably not have a press release until the start of January but the sponsors are excited about this new team concept and I look forward to sharing everything with you.

Approaching quick is the first of my PRO SERIES camps near Atlanta. This is an opportunity to learn and apply first hand training techniques and principals out on the road. I will also provide some one on one coaching with each athlete to help them achieve their goals, from being able to ride their first century to winning their first races. The camp is open and designed for all level of cyclists to learn from our different lecturers, and to leave with a better understanding of cycling. Check out discoveradventures.com and sign up for our March 12-18th camp.

Also, keep an eye out for the next Spinervals tape. These instructional tapes are great for keeping some winter fitness and passing the time on the indoor trainer (check out the Lemond REV Master at lemondfitness.com). Now, with Cambiatta you have the ability to download all your workouts into your computer without buying a new heart rate monitor. Cambiatta picks up on the data and allows you to make a fantastic training program to plan, record, and analyze your training. You can find some information at cambiatta.com or check out your QBP catalogue.

While mtn. biking this fall I had the chance to try some new crash proof shorts. Well, nothing is crash proof but at least if I crashed I had some protection and wouldn't wreck a new pair of cycling shorts. The Domino shorts found at ridedomino.com seemed like a great idea. The shorts have a breathable synthetic leather (I'm not sure exactly what it is) on the side panels which obviously would protect your hips if you crashed. I didn't test the durability by crashing but I did notice a problem with the chamois placement and sizing. They said they are going to correct the chamois placement by hopefully moving it backward. My tail bone was almost off the chamois while riding and the sizing seemed a little off. A couple of corrections and these shorts should prove valuable to anyone hitting the ground.

There is a lot that remains to be seen in '06. Which American will step up to grab some of the spotlight that Lance has left behind? Who will be the new US PRO national champion which for the first time in twenty years will have an all American field and not be in Philly but in Greenville, SC. We will see the return of David Millar to racing and we will find out about Tyler Hamilton. The UCI has a new president and will he be able to put together a Pro Tour that the Grand Tours will accept?

In one way or another the cycling season is exciting, from waiting on pins on needles to find out who wins Milan San Remo to watching the results of the Tour de Georgia. On the bike and off the bike there are many decisions and outcomes that will affect all of us. I'm ready for 2006 and can't wait to see what it delivers.

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