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1994 Tour Dupont

After stage 8 in which Frankie went out on a solo breakaway for one hour forty five minutes and 60 miles during which he crashed and got back up before being caught by the peloton. His dad was in the pace car:

"Well, part of the plan you know, I mean a...we gotta wear out those WordPerfect guys to try and win this race and the plan was a...I attack on that first hill, get away by myself, crash in the downhill, stand there for a little bit then a...go alone for the headwind and then a...sit up right before the last third category climb and that's when the race would really start, it was textbook. Yeah, my dad loved it all."

1994 KMart Classic

Winner of stage one and overall leader for each of the 6 stages.

Winner of the time trial in stage 5.

after stage 2:

"I think as long as I have the yellow jersey right now... they're workin' for me and if something happens later on, we're in the mountains or if I falter a...then somebody else'll take over..."

1994 Tour de France

before stage 15:

"It's gonna be pure hell. I guess it's gonna be super hot and it's gonna be the longest one we've done a...here for the tour this year so I just...I'm gonna hit the bottom and pull off to the right and just put it in my 23 and go my own pace."

after stage 19:

"I think in the...these last 3 or 4 days, I think it's been the hardest one just a...sufferin' in the mountains and I think the heat had a lot to do with it and a...the first part of the...the first two weeks was super aggressive and super fast so...I mean, now I say it's the hardest one but I definatley would say a...you know, last year, during it I would say that was the hardest one...the year before, I'd say that was the hardest one so...you only remember what you recently did so...I been suffering lately so I'd say this is the hardest one."

Frankie's modified saddle due to saddle sores.

"I see it as just racing the greatest bike race in the world against the other great cyclists and I'm trying to beat these other cyclists. It's just a matter of who crosses the line first. I don't look at it as 'me trying to defend a country' or anything. I'm just trying to do the best I can."

Final Stage

Frankie in an early break with four others; Kasputis (Chazal), Seigneur (Gan), Hamburger (TVM), Muller (Mapei).

The break stays away for the entire stage.

Frankie goes off the front of the break.
with 1500 meters to go.

Seigneur catches up to Frankie.

Frankie runs out of gas.

It's all over but the cryin'.

after the final stage on the Champs Elysee:

"I mean, you have to ride hard to stay away. You can't really save too much but...the Chazal guy in there, Kasputis, I knew was a pretty quick sprinter and so I wasn't sure how I was feeling after all those mountains so I decided to go for it. I had nothing to lose and...I mean, I had tired legs and I blew at 4 or 500 meters to go and the Gan guy, Siegneur, is a good time trialist and...I mean, I saw him comin' but I was givin' it eveything I had. I couldn't have gone any harder so...that's the way it is."

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